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BKF Module: Info


The key number 95 in the driver's license

Professional driver training according to § 5 BKrFQG and § 4 BkrFQV

Who needs further training?

  • All truck drivers in commercial freight transport> 3.5 t GVW (e.g. also works transport)

  • All bus drivers in commercial passenger transport> 8 passenger seats

How do you educate yourself?

  • You have to prove 35 hours of further training within 5 years

  • Everyone sets the schedule themselves, e.g. as an intensive course in a week, or you can distribute them

  • 35 hours for a month, a year or possibly also for 5 years (1 module per year)

  • There is no check.

How is the further training composed?

  • The 3 topics of the training are divided into different modules of 7 hours each:
    - 4 basic modules that must be attended by truck and bus drivers
    - 2 specific modules>

  • 1 module each for freight transport (GV) and passenger transport (PV)

How many modules do you have to attend?

  • Truck driver: a total of 5 modules (4 basic and 1 specific module (GV)

  • Bus driver: a total of 5 modules (4 basic and 1 specific module (PV)

  • If you have both: a total of 6 modules

  • (4 base modules and 1 specific truck module (GV) and 1 specific bus module (PV) each

How is further training proven?

  • By an entry in the driver's license behind the corresponding driver's license class

  • e.g. ""
    - "95" stands for a valid qualification or further training as a professional driver
    - “03/10/2014” stands for the date when the next further training must be proven.


Module 1: Eco training

  • Here the basic knowledge of fuel saving and environmental protection is imparted,

  • so that fuel costs and wear and tear are reduced. New generations of engines

  • and exhaust systems require new skills and new driving styles. 20% savings are

  • No rarity.

  • Eco-Training (practice): A practical one is recommended for theoretical training

  • Eco-training with a final inspection drive.

Module 2: Social regulations

  • Avoid high fines and long downtimes due to ignorance.

  • The new EU social rules with their break rules and records

  • require more than just knowing about 4.5 hours of driving time and a 45 minute break. Additionally

  • the operation of the digital control device with driver card.

Module 3: Risk perception

Module 4: Damage Prevention

Module 5: Security for cargo and passengers

  • Load securing; Not only the driver, but also the keeper and the loader are jointly responsible.

  • What is written where and how do I find out more?

  • The truck driver profession; what are my future chances?

Start: please ask for dates

Duration: 7 hours each . Type of teaching: full-time

Lesson times : Every 1st Saturday of the month (times by arrangement)

Examination: none!

Training dates for individuals: Please inquire by phone

Groups or companies: individual appointments possible, even on the weekends

BKF Module: Willkommen
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