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Dissatisfied with your old driving school?
Would you like to continue your driving license at the Häcker driving school?

Changing the driving school is easy.
Our office takes care of all the "paperwork" for you at your previous driving school and at TÜV.
You no longer have to pay a full basic amount with us.
All theory lessons, driving lessons, special trips and exams that you did in your old driving school will of course be credited to you within the statutory deadlines.
A passed theory test is valid for one year.
Theory lessons and special trips are valid for 2 years.

For more information, please call us.

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You never stop learning

You have had a driver's license for a long time!

But you haven't driven a car for a while?
You are still driving but ..........

  • Driving on the motorway is a major problem for you

  • Parking backwards never really learned

  • Some of the new traffic signs seem unfamiliar to you

  • Every now and then you get hooted and verbally abused by other drivers

Then just take a look at us. In our special refresher lessons we show you everything that you have already learned at some point. Our driving instructors are trained to reduce fears.
We'll show you that driving can be fun too.
In every situation!
See for yourself and arrange an individual consultation with us.

We would be happy to inform you!

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Something went wrong during your probationary period, did you become suspicious?

At some point the dreaded letter came from the driving license authorities.

The arrangement of an advanced seminar.

Don't panic, we'll fix that again.

Now you are likely to get very angry about being punished twice.

Keep calm, actually you will receive, admittedly inevitably, a great further education!

Our seminar leader deals with the situation very professionally and above all helps you to avoid coming into conflict with traffic law.

The trial period is extended from 2 to 4 years.

Objectives of the seminar:
Finding out causes for rule violations and causes of accidents.
Learn to analyze your own driving style.
What role do habits and awareness of values ​​play?
Which factors influence the development of one's own driving style?
Develop the ability to analyze what has been experienced.

4 group sessions of 135 minutes each
1 driving test 30 minutes

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ASF Anmeldung

Online registration

Registration for the driver's license & ASF seminar

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